Eureka Lab Division is a young company founded in late 90’s; thanks to its highly qualified technical, scientific and marketing staff, has identified its core business in the clinical toxicology area.
To perform these analysis it is necessary to use typical analytical techniques such as LC, liquid chromatography, also called HPLC ( high performance liquid chromatography), Gas Chromatography or LC coupled to a mass detector.
In its beginning Eureka Lab Division, has successfully developed a wide range of ready to use” kits “in HPLC, ranging among Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacology, Occupational Toxicology and Forensic Toxicology.
Shortly after, the company expanded its range market and its knowledge in the field of gas chromatography systems working with the most traditional detectors such as FID ( flame ionization detector ) and ECD ( electrons capture detector ) with “head space” and soon after adopting the mass spectrometry. Recently Eureka Lab Division it is equipped with a LC / MS system with triple quadrupole.
Furthermore, Eureka Lab Division thanks to its marketing strategy has partnership with Gilson Italy,( a leader company in dispensing fluids and automation of SPE, solid phase extraction procedure) in order to offer full packages equipped by instrumentation, accessories and consumables.

Eureka in pills

Our mission is to become an International reference point for the Clinical Laboratory using LC (HPLC) – GC – GC / MS – LC / MS 
Eureka Lab Division operates in a Quality System Certified ISO 9001:2008 Vision . Eureka products are CE marked and are registered with the Ministry of Health.
Eureka Lab Division, , is located in Chiaravalle (Ancona) with its Production, Quality control, Research and Development laboratories, Sales and Marketing Offices, Meeting and Training area, Warehouse and a Logistics.
Eureka Lab Division Division designs, manufactures and supplies ready to use clinical applications in LC (HPLC) – GC – GC / MS – LC / MS and provides training  on-site and it also offers a technical-applicative-clinical assistance as support to the end users.

Some percentage of our kit

KIT LC (HPLC) Recovery of the Analytes 95%
KIT GC/FID/ECD Recovery of the Analytes 95%
KIT LC/MS/MS Recovery of the Analytes 98%